Friday, January 28, 2011

3 Weeks, 4 Days = Stats

Well, where do I even begin.  This last week has been VERY interesting to say the least.  We have had a time with Katherine Grace's formula and trying to find the right one for her.  We have gone back and forth, and finally after a week of no dirty diapers (or #2s)... we ended up in the pediatrician's office this morning. Everything checked out fine, however, he switched her formula.  While there... we got more stats!

Our little lady has gained a WHOLE ENTIRE POUND in less than a WEEK!!!  She went from 7lbs 12oz at her 3 week appointment, to 8lbs 13oz this morning!  :)  Now... I won't lie... some of that could be a little [well, you know!]... and that might add a little weight to the little lady.  ;)  The doctor said she had a little growth spurt!  I'd have to say so too!  

Other interesting facts about Katherine Grace:

• She has become very alert, smiling LOTS at her mommy and daddy.
• She is VERY ticklish, especially under her arms and on her sides!
• She LOVES when we play music in her nursery!
• She is still wearing some newborn clothes, but now also wearing 0-3 months.
• She is sleeping in her crib, but still prefers her bouncy seat.
• She is drinking 4 oz at every feeding.
• She is still sleeping through the night (occasionally up once in a while for a feeding), PRAISE the Lord!

So... there it is.  We at least have a growing baby girl!  

Until our next post... Brantley


Timothy and Holly said...

now what formula are yall using? I'm glad she is growing and I'm trying to figure out how we are going to weigh Ella.

Brantley and Richard said...

haha We're staying on the GoodStart for now... only using the non-soy kind. :) I think its called Protect or something.