Friday, December 3, 2010

the Nativity

The Nativity.

For me... this is a reminder I need throughout the year.  Of the beautiful birth of my Savior!  How precious it is and how miraculous that night must have been.  This time of year is so wonderful for me, and I'm sure for many of you.  Its full of so much celebration and praise.  I love that everyone wants to spend time with their families this time of year, and everyone love on one another.  People tend to give more freely, and I don't just mean glamorous gifts under the tree.  People give of their hearts more, they love more, they share and yes, they also give gifts of great and wonderful things.  

Richard and I decided when we got married, that we didn't want to lavish one another with gifts of luxury or gifts at all.  Instead, we want to create memorable traditions that we will one day look back at and treasure.  This year, we've decided to include our small group, so we can give more, and we're going to be delivering toys to the Children's Hospital.  We're really excited about that.  Another small tradition Richard and I made was actually started on our honeymoon.  We married in November, so it was close to the holidays.  And because of that, there were little Christmas shops everywhere, all near our resort.  So... we decided to pick out our first ornament for our Christmas tree as a family.

And now... every year, when we travel or visit other places, we make it a point to find an ornament for our tree.  So... when we decorate our tree each year, it is packed full of wonderful memories and constant reminders of the things we done together!  I love that!

What are your traditions or ideas for the Christmas holidays?  I'd love to hear about them!

Until then... Brantley

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As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! said...

Our Christmas tradition: find something meaningful from that year's Christmas that's not an ornament and make it into an ornament!

Example from last year, I asked my Mother in law to crochet my 5 month old son a long elf hat for Christmas pictures. She did, but it didn't turn out right. It stood straight up, had ruffles on the end (by accident) and looked more like a Dr. Suess hat and it barely fit his head. We got pictures of him in it anyways for laughs. And now, it's our tree topper!

Everytime I look at it chuckle and think of my little baby Dr. Seuss.