Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friendly Reminders - Auction

Hi everyone!  This is a friendly reminder for all of those who made bids and won.... please go to our PayPal Button "Link" on the sidebar and to pay for your winning item.  :)  We are trying to wrap things up from that and distribute the items to the winning bidders!  For those of you who have not contacted us... please send us an email at so that we can arrange for pick up.  If you live outside the state, or not in this area, please let us know that as well (via email).  Thank you for all of those that have participated and helped us get one step closer to bringing our little one home!

Until then... Brantley


Jenny said...

Just double checking... you did get my money didn't you for the necklace?? I know I paypal'd it but just wanna make sure you got it.

Brantley and Richard said...

Hi Jenny! Yes, I did receive your payment. Can you email me? :) so we can arrange for pick up or shipping. Thanks!

Same for everyone else. I don't have email address' on many of you, therefore, no way to contact you! Thanks bunches!