Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life Happens...

Life Happens... yes, that's right!  Its a complete understatement and unfortunately, I'm not excited about this post.  This has been an emotionally draining weekend for me and its been one thing after another in the Freeman household.  On top of just being an emotional creature these past few months.... the other day we realized that Richard's car had been leaking transmission fluid for who knows how long.  When he checked it... it was practically empty and there is no telling for how long it had been that way.  We have been filling it up non-stop for the past couple of days and trying not to drive it until we can take it into the shop.  

Then... if that wasn't enough, my check engine light came on today on the way to church.  My car has been acting kinda strange for a while now... and well... this is the last thing we needed on our plate.  Plus, I spent hours taking pictures of the items for our online auction, picking things up, posting everything on the auction site and pricing stuff.  Only to realize after the reading the fine print today, there were several hidden fees that I didn't know about, and they certainly didn't make very clear ahead of time.  

So... once again... I'm going to have to start over from square one.  I'm frustrated, upset and even more emotional than I was before.  I feel like Satan is doing everything possible to prevent us from reaching our final goal.  We want so badly to remain optimistic and bring glory to our Savior for all of these wonderful blessings!  And we're so anxious to the day when we can bring our baby home and meet him/her face to face.  

So, the bad news is that we have NO online gallery to post for you right now.  This makes me cry even typing this into a post.  After 2 delays and now this, I'm broken inside.  I will work as hard as possible to make something work so that the auction will get online soon.  But for now... I'm off to get some much needed rest, and possibly a little "pitty party" with my loving husband.  Thank you for your prayers! 

Until then, Brantley


Jenny said...

Oh I'm SO sorry! I've been there. It was at the beginning of our process but I was THERE!! I cried myself to sleep literally two or three nights. I knew it was satan but he was using avenues to attack me that were so hurtful. Praying for you tonight! Praying God will renew your outlook and help you to see His name is written all over this and no matter how many obstacles satan throws your way... He already has the victory!!!

Lauren said...

I'm so so SO sorry! I'll be praying for you!

Simply Amy said...

Brantley, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. Just remember the Lord gives us trails to make us stronger. Take deep breaths and tell the devil to leave. He will not break you, just make you stronger! God Bless!!!

Amy G
James 1:2