Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yay!  I'm so excited about our new fundraiser that we're doing!  This fundraiser will be one that take place over a period of time.  We are going to go ahead and start selling our holiday ornaments!  Which, I LOVE!!!  :)  They are extremely time consuming, but in my opinion, well worth it.  This demo I created this morning turned out pretty good.  (I think so anyway!)  If you agree and would be interested in purchasing one or a few... we'd love to sell you one!  100% of all profits go directly toward our adoption!  We will be making winter wonderland & baby girl & baby boy ornaments just like these as well!   More pics to come!

Each ornament is $5

We have LOTS more styles coming!  So, keep checking in for more!  We appreciate you helping us bringing our baby home!


Simply Amy said...

They came out great!

Meg, Drew, and Ian too! said...

What a great idea, Brantley! Can't wait to see future designs. We will certainly be buying some :)

LeeAnne said...

Love them! I would love to buy some! When can we place our orders?

Brantley and Richard said...

LeeAnne! You can place orders whenever you're ready! :) We've already started making them... just send us an email whenever you're ready letting us know which styles and how many you'd like!