Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to expect!

I am a GOAL SETTER 110%!  I LOVE having something to plan ahead for, and this adoption planning has been right up my alley.  Literally, you wait only to wait some more!  Its kinda crazy and from the stories I've heard from others... they hate that part of it.  But for me... I'm liking it!  :)  During the time that we await each step, we set goals for ourselves.  For example, this past waiting period, we set a goal to raise money through our yard sale!  Which, we did!  Praise God for that wonderful miracle!  For this time around, our goal has been to work to complete the crib bedding (actually, that's my mom's part!), and complete our adoption profile books (which I just finished!).  I'm so bad about finishing things too early and then struggling to find more to hold myself over!  [as if I'm not busy enough!]

I'm sure once we're on the actual waiting list and just waiting for the day to be placed... then the waiting will drive me insane and probably make me cry, ALOT!  But for now, I've been eagerly looking forward to our August 27th Training Day with Bethany Christian Services.  That is where we will hear from a birth mom, hear from other adoptive families and learn more about what to expect during our home study and after placement.  It makes me excited!  So... in the past couple of weeks, we finished our paperwork, had our physicals & everything else we had to do.  Right now, they are awaiting our SLED checks, and then, we will be assigned with a social worker!  Wahoo!  That is one thing that recently hit me.  I am going to start praying that God's hand is in that.  I want so badly to be paired up with someone who fits our personalities well, and will be good to work alongside.  After all, this is such a priceless time in our lives!

So... please pray for us this next week!  We're so excited to hear from a birth mom!  That is what I look forward to the most!

Until then... Brantley

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