Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Talk

Every day that passes by, I feel more and more like I'm about to be a mom!  Its so crazy to think about some days, yet such a beautiful reality!  The other day I got this in the mail.  ha

And right smack on the cover reads... "What kind of mom will you be?"

To be honest, I haven't thought too much about what kind of mom I'll be.  More than anything, I wander, what kind of baby will ours be?  Its strange to see where my head goes, but its the truth.  Regardless, the fact of the matter, my head thoughts should probably be focusing more of what kind of mom I will be.  After all, this is all so new to me and I still have a lot to prepare myself for.  I hope and pray I can be a mother who seeks after Christ daily and sets beautiful example for our children.  I want to be mother who loves their daddy and shows them how to be a wife.  I want to be kind mother who is respectful and patient (baahahha - something I have a LOT to learn about!).  I pray God will mold me into this woman. I know that these will be a daily battle for me, but I know with Him, it is possible.

So, I leave you with this today.  "What kind of mom do you want to be?" or possibly even, "What kind of mom are you?"

Until then, Brantley

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Rebekah said...

Hi! My name is Rebekah and my husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia through AGCI. We're first time parents too! Nice to meet you in the blog world, good luck with your adoption paperwork!