Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday... Only 2 more days!!!!

Yep, hard to believe in just under 2 more days... the BIG day is almost here!   Wahoo!!!  We have been picking up stuff all week, and today had quite a few more drop offs.  :)  Its been good!  We even got some great new additions of furniture, kitchen appliances, another tv and tons of Vera Bradley purses!  Needless to say, we've got some great finds.  Plus, not only have we been collecting, but we're knocking off quite a bit from our adoption "To Do List"!  Richard and I both had our physicals today.  That was the last thing for now... we already finished the mound of paperwork, testimonies, profiles, medical records, copies of financials, birth certificates & marriage license, vet records, etc.  Whew.

So.... now all we need to do is mail that in with our $500 application fee and the ball will really get rolling. haha  Other than that... things are going really well.  We're excited to see everyone come together and help us with our yard sale!  Some of you have been asking us... what is your goal.  To be honest, initially, we set a goal of $1,000 for our sale.   But, that was before we saw how incredibly generous so many of you have been!  We're so thankful for each of you!  So...  our new goal is $2,000!!!!

I can't believe I'm even saying that... it feels so crazy to even aim for that.  But, I am and I feel pretty confident that we can reach this goal.  We've been praying so hard these past several weeks.  Praying for our God to be glorified, and for all of this to reflect His love for us.  We're praying for safety and FUN!  haha  I know that is so silly, but we have so many who are coming into town to help us, and even lots of friends and family here.  We just want everyone to have fun and enjoy the company of one another.  And lastly, we're praying that God will provide.  Without Him, this sale would not be possible and I can say that with full confidence.

We can't wait to post more updates, praises & pictures with you after the sale!

Until then... Brantley

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