Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Overwhelmed...

Overwhelmed is an understatement.  I'm beat, mentally and physically exhausted!  To be honest, I'm realizing that I've taken on WAY too much with this yard sale!  Don't get me wrong, this has been the best 2 months of my life as we've prepared for it.  We've met some pretty incredible people, picked up some pretty awesome donations, made some cool signage and flyers & just had fun doing something together as a couple!  Not to mention, this is bringing us one step closer to bringing our baby home.  However, yesterday I had a little breakdown.  As if dropping my $2,400 camera lens on concrete on the ground wasn't a bad enough start to the day... It only made me more frazzled the rest.  Now, I also had some pretty amazing blessings yesterday too!  We picked up even more wonderful donations, two car loads and a trailor to be exact.  After unloading only part of it into our storage unit late last night... we now officially have NO more room!!!

The hard part, I still have a whole list of people that have us scheduled to pick up.  We also have some really, big ticket items to pick up.  Now, the reason I'm a little overwhelmed.  Well, We have a HUGE storage unit crammed full of stuff and I'm beginning to wander how on earth we're going to make this happen.  You see, I'm a VERY organized human being.  Let's just say, some days I think I'm a little O.C.D.  My sweet friend Rossie, well, she and I are just alike.  She knows all about it!  ;)  I so badly wish she was here to help me go through everything and get it all organized (just the way I like it).  But... the truth is... its a yard sale and I keep trying to remind myself of that.  I know most people are going to toss stuff around, offer you buck and go on their merry little way to the next sale.  Thats still so hard for me to take in.  Another part that is super overwhelming... PRICING.  I still have a hard time understanding that things just don't sell for good prices at yard sales.  Something that would typically be $100, might sell for $10.  Ugh.

And even though we have soooooooooooo much stuff, my fear is that people aren't going to offer squat and we're going to end up giving away all this great stuff to people for nothing!  Well, my point to all of this, is that .... well, I don't know.  hahaha  I tend to think a little too much and all I see is a super large storage unit (the biggest one they offer to be exact) and its jammed full of stuff!  We need help, and I'm not good at asking for help.  It took a LOT from me to ask for donations.  But, I've come to a point where bringing my baby home is way more important than all of this pride I have.  So, we're asking for help.  Help to make this all come together, help unloading the massive amount of stuff and hauling it all over to 701 Whaley on Friday night.  Help, sorting, organizing, pricing everything for the sale.  Then, help again on Saturday morning - when most people would be sleeping in, we need your help bright and early helping us set up tables and put on a smiling face to greet the EAGER yard sale hunters!

The truth is.... my fear is that no one will come.  No one will help.  I'm just a mess inside.  I know this isn't true, but its just how I feel.  Nonetheless, I'm super excited!  Guys, after all of this planning and praying for an amazing and successful sale... we have exactly 1 week left!!!!  Can you believe it!  Please pray that Christ be glorified in our sale and through the people helping!  Please support us by advertising the heck out of it this next week at your work place and all over facebook!  We need your help desperately and will greatly appreciate ALL help we can get!  Thank you, for giving so generously and unselfishly to our cause!  It does  not go un-noticed!  We're forever grateful!

Until then, Brantley AND Richard!!!


Wanda said...

Martha is coming with us on Friday and also on Saturday to help. Love you - Mom and Dad

Courtney said...

brantley, remember that the Lord has this all under control. He is going to bless this sale and knock your socks off :) it's going to be great! i am praying for you daily!

Our Journey Together said...

Hey Brantley, I have posted a link to your page, I have lots of friends who LOVE yard sales! I know you will have a great turn out!