Friday, July 23, 2010

Blessings in Disguise...

Today started off not so good for me.  After a long evening last night, and waking up SUPER early this morning, everything that could have gone wrong, seemed to!  I felt so rushed from the second I woke up, slurping down my coffee and grabbing my gear as I ran out the door.  I had two cameras slung over one shoulder with my purse also on that same shoulder.  On the other, I had a large bag.  As I quickly locked the door, I shot down the sidewalk hurrying to get into my car.  All of a sudden I heard a REALLY LOUD crash!  I didn't even want to turn and look... but I did.  I could have dropped to my knees and cried like a baby!  Buy no... I was too rushed to do that.  I picked it back up and drove off to work.

Guys, I'm still so upset, that I barely want to tell you what it was that CRASHED on the hard concrete!  But, since I'm telling the story, I will.  For all of you who are NOT camera peeps, this may not mean much.  But to someone whose career is all about the gear... this was DEVASTATING!!!  My Canon 70-200mm lens came off of the body (the actual camera) and crashed to the ground (AKA - concrete).  Let me give you an idea of what that costs.... $2,300 to be exact!  :(  As if paying for an adoption isn't expensive enough!  I haven't felt this tested in a long time.  Maybe that was God showing me to slow down!  Thats my own thought anyway.  

Well, my good friend, Brooke came to my rescue and loaned me hers (she's also a pro photographer) and luckily for me, is on maternity leave right now.  Since we have a wedding tomorrow, that lens is pretty much a MAJOR part of the day.  Its like not having your dress if you're the bride.  Does that tell you anything?  Basically, its the whole sheebang!  haha  Well, now that I'm covered for tomorrow, it still doesn't let me off the hook... I now have to invest in another one.  Ugh, I'm almost in tears thinking about it!  Oh well, its done and over with.  I have to do it, so I might as well get over it.

Now... I'm sure some of you are wandering where this blessing is, that I mentioned?  Well, a sweet friend gave me a check for $200.  Yeah, so that check doesn't help pay for the lens, but its a blessing because it will help us bring our baby home.  And to me, is way more important than a lens!  So, even though my day wasn't all that great, it sure has turned out much better than it started out!  Thank you, Lord for showing me the blessings in what seemed like a pretty rotten day.  You have purpose for my life, and I know that you have an amazing plan in store for us.  Tomorrow will mark one week until our yard sale.  YOU, and you only are who I give praise for ALL of the blessings you have given to us.  You have blessed us tremendously already and I cannot begin to praise you enough.  Can't wait to update everyone on how AWESOME God is, and how He uses us at the yard sale.  I want it to truly be an act of worship, as silly as that sounds... its true.

Until then, Brantley


Practically Perfect... said...

I am so, so sorry to hear about your camera lens! I think that I would have cried, too! Thank goodness for your friend :-) Is this something that might be covered by your homeowner's insurance?

Josh said...

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