Thursday, July 29, 2010

I lied... One More UPDATE!!!

Okay, I lied.  I do have one last post before the big day (yard sale)!  :)  Today was crazy busy and yet so incredibly rewarding!  I had an early morning baby session, lots of editing and TONS of people dropping off goodies for our yard sale!  We decided later today after the studio was already getting VERY full just from today's drop offs, that we should go ahead and start unloading some of the storage unit.  Thank goodness we did.  Guys, its unbelievable how many items we have!  So... to show you just a few... here are some pictures of what to expect.  We haven't even unloaded 1/2 of the unit.  haha

Tons of children's toys, large entertainment units, baby clothes, a beautiful iron bed, down comforters and of course, our adoption t-shirts!  :)
And even Vera Bradley purses!  
There is TONS more stuff where this came from!  So, be sure to come out and see us!  Also, a little clarification via facebook.  Apparently, quite a few of our facebook friends have been getting messages saying the yard sale time has changed.  It has NOT changed and I have no clue where the messages are coming from.  The times are 7:00am-12noon on Saturday, July 31st (THIS Saturday).  :)

Until then... Brantley

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Monique said...

I met you all at the yard sale today. It was AWESOME! Too bad we didn't get there earlier. So excited about your journey.