Thursday, May 27, 2010

ALMOST Friday!

Yes, that's right, its almost Friday and I am soooo ready for a nice LONG weekend!  Better yet, I'm ready for a weekend off, period!  ha  Yesterday, Richard and I were brainstorming some fun ideas for grandparent gifts.  A little something small to give our parents, especially his, to make them feel more apart of this experience.  The more we think on this, we're trying to show more compassion and try and see things through their eyes.  Its not always easy, but we're trying.  So, in an effort to help make them feel more like "grandparents-to-be", we made some little goodies for them!  :)

We will make some more soon, but for now, thats all we finished!  Some great resources if you
re adopting or are considering it.  These are some great new children's books we ordered to read to our baby one day. Its called, Shaoey & Dot.  
Its by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth.  Its such a great little children's book that we can read to 'baby Freeman' one day!  
We also got another book several months ago.  We found it in the book store randomly one day on an end cap.  Since we've been talking about adoption for a long time, we started writing prayers and little messages to our child in it.  At the time, we weren't moving forward with anything.  So now, we have sweet little reminders of how precious God's timing is in everything!
Thanks for reading!  Until then, Brantley

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