Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adoption Resources...

A friend just emailed me this link after reading my last post about adoption. I excited to read this, especially after hearing there are videos that talk about comments & concerns that form from family and friends. This is definitely something that we struggle with is the acceptance and support from our families. We told my parents that we had started the process and they seem excited for us. I'm not really sure how much they understand the 'why' and the 'wants', but regardless, just their support helps.

Here is the link to the Southern Resources Website:

On another note, we've struggled with the acceptance and support from Richard's family. This is something that we are praying about daily. We don't expect other people to have the same desires or even the passion to adopt. However, we do want to have the support and even desire to learn or possibly accept that this is our passion. We believe that God gave us desire and passion for a reason.

My daily prayer will be for strength, obedience and compassion. I want to be strong during what may be a very difficult journey that we will soon be embarking! Its going to be a long road, and although I feel like I'm preparing myself for that, I'm sure there will be some exhausting times. Lord, give me the strength to go on, even during those trying times. I want to be obedient to His plan. To know that He placed this on our hearts for a very special reason. And to know that I am walking down the path he has laid out for me is important. And compassion. I need to have compassion and be able to be understanding of the hearts of others. To know that just because this is our desire and our passion, this isn't everyone elses. To have compassion for Richard's family during those times when they don't understand our reasoning.

Please continue pray for our family!

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