Friday, July 24, 2009

Its been a LONG TIME... I know!

Okay, so this post will contain a major [to the point] break down of what's been going on the past 6 months! Are you ready?!!!

1) January 2009 - We signed the lease for my dream space (studio) at 701 Whaley!
2) January 2009 (next day to be specific) - Richard lost his job at Regions! God, are you telling me something here?
3) January 2009 - we had a HUGE meltdown!!!!!!!!!
4) January 2009 - GOD IS AWESOME!!! He is so faithful and taught us some amazing things that we will treasure FOREVER!
5) January 2009 - Continued to move forward with our lease trusting God had His hand on it!
6) January 2009 - Celebrated my 25th birthday on the 20th!!!
7) January 2009 - Met some great new friends who encouraged me along the way (even my 'old friends' supported us)!
8) February 2009 - Continued to support my husband while searching for jobs
9) February 2009 - Still no luck with jobs
10) February 2009 - Celebrated Valentine's Day with my hubby at 701 Whaley (post was below)
11) February 2009 - Photographed some great weddings
12) February 2009 - Richard had some interviews that all led him NO WHERE!!
13) February 2009 - God reminded us daily to TRUST Him... I don't know how much more evident He could have been!
14) March 2009 - more weddings, sessions and traveling (at least my hubby was beside me along the way)
15) March 2009 - Moved into our Money Pit [701 Whaley] with no job, still.
16) March 2009 - Once again, TRUSTING God!
17) March 2009 - Watching our savings dwindle before our eyes
18) March 2009 - Still waiting Lord... wandering what on earth He is trying to show us....
19) April 2009 - Busy wedding month
20) April 2009 - started having back pains and of course need weekly chiropractor appointments....
21) April 2009 - Wandering how on earth we're going to pay for those appointments (no insurance or job still)
22) April 2009 - All that traveling with wedding started taking a toll on poor Eddie (car)... found out my tires were SHOT!!
23) April 2009 - watching that savings really dwindle! Paid for tires.... :(
24) April 2009 - More interviews for Richard, YAY!
25) April 2009 - More rejections for Richard, Sad.
26) April 2009 - Really struggling with loss of job... trying so hard to support and encourage my husband.
27) April 2009 - Another interview, this time with IRS.... interesting.
28) April 2009 - Feeling good about interview, but still doubtful unfortunately.
29) May 2009 - Booked my flight to go see Rossie in Florida! (with the last of our savings... I know... probably not smart)
30) May 2009 - Thinking how dumb it was to spend the last of our savings! But we both agreed... I need some encouragement from a close friend.
31) May 2009 - Left to go see Rossie in Florida!
32) May 2009 - REWIND!!! Richard found out the morning I left he GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!
33) May 2009 - Reminding myself that God is ONE AWESOME GOD!!!!
34) May 2009 - Slapping myself for not knowing that before! ha
35) May 2009 - In Florida talking about how awesome God is to us...
36) May 2009 - Remembering how our savings was completely gone the beginning on June (for bills, etc)
37) May 2009 - Reminding myself how God never gives us more than we can handle
38) May 2009 - Reminding myself again and again how God's timing is ALWAYS so much better than our own!
39) June 2009 - Richard starts his new job... :) With all smiles!!!
40) June 2009 - Richard goes to training in Baltimore for 1 week. :(
41) June 2009 - Richard comes home, then leaves shortly after for training in Ohio for 1 month!!!!!!
42) July 2009 - Richard in Ohio....
43) July 2009 - I fly up for 1 week to see my hubby! (reminder of how incredible God is!)
44) July 2009 - Met the most amazing photographers ever!!!
45) July 2009 - Came home.... without my hubby. :(
46) July 2009 - Reminding myself daily what we went through when he didn't have a job.....
47) July 2009 - Trying to get through another tough time without him... but reminding myself how AWESOME God continues to be!
48) July 2009 - My baby comes home next week... and this is where we are.... thanks for reading!

We appreciate all of the support and prayers leading up to this day. Can't believe we've already lived it and now here we are. I feel so blessed! I'm truly thankful we went through that slump to be where we are now! Thanks!

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