Thursday, October 27, 2011


Look what came in my mail today!!!  After reading Katie Davis' book, and committing to travel to Uganda in March - I wanted to show my support towards the Karimojong woman & Amazima's mission!  So... I looked on Amazima's website and found THIS!

I LOVE IT!  And I love the little packaging too!

But what I LOVE most - is that by purchasing this $16 bracelet, I am helping to keep one of these women from turning to prostitution, digging through trash, or even alcohol brewing!  For me... that is BIG!  I love this bracelet so much and its comfortable to wear.  I'm thinking about buying a few more for Christmas gifts!  :)  What do you think?

With that being said... you remember we talked about Richard and I traveling to Uganda in March?  Well, the total cost of our trip is $6,400, but we have been richly blessed and only need to raise $1,200 to get there!  Will consider praying for us, and possibly supporting us?

Thanks for your continued support!

Until then... Brantley


Kristin said...

Love this! I can't wait to get mine! Using them for Christmas gifts is a great idea.

D said...

Hey! My husband and I are thinking of adopting, and I needed some encouragment, and I found your video on youtube and then came over to your blog! I went to USC and I think I recognize Richard? This is Dena, and I went to BCM between 2001-2004...are you that same Richard? If you are, that's very cool! Go gamecocks!
I have a blog too, just getting started though.

Thanks for the encouragement!