Wednesday, September 7, 2011


First thing... BIG thank you to Rachel for FEATURING Voices 4 the Voiceless on your blog!  That was so super nice of you and we're so grateful to each and every person who help us spread the word about Project Congo!  :)

Secondly... WOW!  I'm truly speechless today!  After a series of events... one in particular stood out to me more than anything!  Most of you, if not all of you have read the recent blog post that has been floating around cyberspace today.   If not... check it out HERE.

Although we have not had the pleasure of adopting internationally [yet]... we have adopted.  And although there are quite a few things that are different among international adoptions and domestic... there are more similarities than most would thing.  Probably the biggest thing I hear from others who have adopted internationally is the connection.  Although we have bonded well with Katherine Grace... there have still been MANY obstacles we have faced since bringing her home.  We have worked REALLY hard to grow a bond, connection if you will, and develop a relationship with this growing beauty.

Anyway... what triggered the post for me more than anything was when she mentioned the hype!  After it is all said and done... the "hype" if you will is over and people move on with their lives... here you are... still in your life... and sorting through it all alone.   As much as we felt support through many... I cannot begin to tell you the lonliness I felt after bringing home Katherine Grace.  The phone calls I didn't receive, the food that was no longer brought over and just the feelings of no one seeming to care anymore.

The hype was gone.  The feelings of lonliness were not.  My BIGGEST encouragement after all of that was exactly what she said in her post!  Get off your tush... call up a friend who had their baby months ago... take food to someone just because, love on your friends!  Don't forget that many of us [even those who haven't adopted] experience life changes daily.  Some are hard, some are depressing and even lonely.  Don't forget about them.  Lets all remember to love on one another.  Just because so many of us seem to have it altogether... many of us behind closed doors - well, we don't!

So... lets lean on one another, love on one another and do a little something nice for someone else!  You never know when they might need it!  You never know when your friend [who seems to busy], might actually be lonely, or maybe even going through a hard time.  You never know when that co-worker is struggling at home, or behind closed doors - lend a hand, show some love and do a little something to make someone's day!

That's all I've got.  I know that wasn't all in her post... but that was one of the main things that hit me hard!  LOVE ONE ANOTHER GUYS!

Until then... Brantley


amelia said...

Very nice well written, as usual :)

Katherine said...

Thank you so much for sharing Brantley! That story and your comments echo they way I feel. Recently I've come to realize how God sends us each other to comfort. When a friend, relative, co-worker comes to my mind or is on my heart I try my very best to reach out to them. I take it as my sign from God that there is a need. It has truly opened my eyes. I called an old friend from church months ago..months after she lost her husband. We chatted and I could tell it helped her in some way. A while later she saw my mother and told her how much it had meant to her that I called that day. Yesterday she was on my mind again. I hadn't gotten around to calling her yet, but she called me and we talked and as it turned out we both needed something and gave it to each other.