Monday, August 29, 2011

A little of this & that!

So much to share... but mainly just a little of this and that.  I cannot wait to share with you about our court date and even some pics from that SPECIAL day!  :)  It was such an exciting day and we had an oh so sweet photographer come out and graciously photograph the event for us!  Ahh... cannot wait to get them to share an entire post of the experience!

But for now... my baby girl is 34 weeks old and I'm going nuts thinking of where the time has gone!  Its crazy!

Here are some fun pics we snapped of her!  We found her owl hat she wore as a newborn!  Funny thing is... it fits better now than it did nearly 8 months ago!  I thought these were fun!

AND... some other exciting news... I came home today from a fun day out of town with family to THIS in my mailbox...

Super excited... because this means we're prepared for when the times comes to go to the Congo!

AND... if that wasn't enough... I made dinner [again] tonight!  Let me just say... we have a HORRIBLE habit of eating out, because lets face it... I can't cook.  But... my friend Leigh has this amazing recipe blog that has inspired me and for the 5th night in a row... I have cooked dinner!

Last night I made the Hot Orzo Chicken Pasta Salad (which was AMAZING!!) & tonight we had the Creamy Tortellini!  It was equally as yummy (although not as healthy).  

I believe that covers it all for today!  Check back soon for pics and details on our court date!  

Until then... Brantley

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