Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My life in 6 Months

My life in the past 6 months changed drastically!  It changed in the BEST way I ever imagined!  Its amazing and I love of second of having my baby child in my life! 

In the past 6 months I've learned...

  • to LOVE LOVE LOVE always!
  • to enjoy EVERY day that I have with her
  • to treasure each day, especially this first year
  • that I love my baby... and she's growing up WAY too fast
  • that I'm BEYOND thankful for this blessing in my life
  • that I'm not even the slightest regretful for stopping and grabbing the camera to capture a moment
  • that ALL of the pictures I've taken are priceless to me and my family
  • that I know my baby more than anyone... and that a mother's instinct is ALWAYS right (at least for me it has been so far)
  • that time flies even faster than everyone said it would
  • that my baby is NOT every other baby and put down those books
  • that I should always go with my heart, and not second guess myself when it comes to my baby
  • that I LOVE her more than I ever thought I could love someone
  • that my life has been filled with so much joy since bringing her home
  • that her smile is sooooo contagious
  • that asking for a little help is OK
  • that I'm going to miss these first 6 months like crazy
  • that I'm definitely looking ahead to the many still to come
What are you enjoying about your baby... or if yours are all grown... what do you miss the most?

Here are some from this week!  Enjoy!

Did I mention my baby girl turned 27 weeks yesterday?  Yep... its true!

Until then... Brantley

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Robyn said...

My goodness - she is such a cutie!!! I totally agree with you on the mother's instict - I always regret it when I second guess myself! My gut has never been wrong!