Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 Month Appt & Percentiles

Yep... all the good stuff that either you care to read about... or maybe not so much!  This is more for me than probably most of you... either way... HERE YOU GO!

My baby turned 6 Months on the 3rd of July!  CRAZINESS!!!  

Today's stats...

Weight:  16lbs 9oz

Length: 26"

She's in the 52 percentile for her length and 56 percentile for her weight!  Even more craziness in my opinion!  So many people that see her in person think she's sooooo LONG!  But in fact... she's average in length!  :)  Who knows... maybe she'll end up spiking and end back in the 80th percentile for her length again!  (2 week appt)

Since we're here talking about babies & growing up... here is a little old school that this momma found yesterday while rummaging through boxes of old pics at my parent's house.  I knew there were some pics I wanted from my childhood, so I begged my parent's to let us come over & dig through boxes and boxes of old pics.  So glad I did... I found so many pics that I will treasure!  Here are some fun ones!  :)

This would be ME.

Here I am as a little one!  :)  From left: Me with my grandaddy Herman who I miss dearly!  I love you grandaddy!  Center: Me with my grandma Thelma!  :)  We love our visits with her still to this day!  Right: Me with my momma!  I love you too!

And now for a little sista love!  :)  My sister (left)... Nicole.

More sister pics...

Well... that my friends is it for today!  I treasure these pictures and the many more that I have found!  So many I want to protect and archive!  I have a lot of work ahead of me!  :)  

Until then... Brantley

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