Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Peas & Grocery Adventures!

My baby girl cracks me up on a daily basis - but especially when she eats her veggies!  She makes a mess, as I'm sure all babies do.  But even when she's not fond of what we give her - she ALWAYS has the biggest smile on her face!  I hope this continues in the rest of life's craziness!  We shall see!

Let me also add... of all the foods she's tried so far - peas are her least favorite!  She loves the squash and sweet potatoes and lets not forget those bananas!

Katherine Grace learning to drive!  haha

And this morning... me and my little lady did some grocery shopping!  Typically, Richard and I both shop together - its something we enjoy doing together!  But we desperately needed groceries and haven't had a chance to go - so it was something Katherine Grace and I did together!  This morning was also her FIRST time sitting in the stroller like a big girl.  I was wondering if I was going to regret trying this by myself... but she did great and had fun looking at all the bright colored packing throughout the aisles.

Oh and another great find... was this shopping cart cover!  If you haven't heard about you should hop on over and check it out!  Each day they feature a new item that is drastically marked down from its normal price!  Its all baby/children's items.  We've found several things on there!  Many days I'm not interested in what they feature - but every now and then... something great will show up.  This shopping cart cover was regular priced at $49 - I paid $19 and shipping was only about $2!  Not bad!  Plus, it has little clips where you catch attach toys, and little pouches on the inside for toys and such to sit.  :)

[excuse the poor quality... taken with my phone!]

She was smiling at me, but then someone walked by and it caught her attention!  My phone is quite quick enough!  ;)

Well... there you have it!  My baby girl is growing up before my eyes!  More updates and pics still to come!

Until then... Brantley

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Sky said...

What a happy baby! And the shopping cart cover is a neat idea, and very cute!