Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthdays, Road trips and Cousins!

This past Saturday we headed to Charlotte to spend the day with our niece and nephew!  It was my 'oh so sweet' nephew's 3rd birthday and we went down to spend some time and celebrate with them.  He already had his official party the day before... so this was more of a family thing!  :)  I have been itching to get some pics of the 3 cousins together!  Evan is now 3, Georgia is 1 1/2 and Katherine Grace is almost 6 months old.  So... we plopped them up on the couch... and well... this my friends is what we got!  haha  Memories for sure!

Poor Georgia (far left) wasn't feeling well at all.  We thought it was her back teeth coming in, but we later found out she had a virus.  :(

Our little lady thinks that anything that resembles a cup or bottle... she immediately wants it!  Its kinda funny.... but wasn't too Georgia!  lol

See what I mean?!  :)

Here is my little moving machine!  She's all over the place.  Still a little slow sometimes, but nonetheless... into EVERYTHING!

Even though she wasn't her happy self on Saturday... she is still one adorable little lady!  So cute!

And here is my mom with her two little ladies!  We managed to get a smile out of Georgia!  :)

Katherine Grace loved spending the day with her cousins!  So thankful for days like that!  Happy Birthday to our sweet Evan!  We love you!

Until then... Brantley


Lauren said...

those pictures are gorgeous!!!! What adorable children!! Sounds like a great time! :)

Wanda said...

You can tell this Grammy wasn't ready for pics of herself! It had been a busy day for me but I love my three little babies, especially when I have them all together.