Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thankful for GOOD health and INSURANCE!

Yes, you read right... this momma is praising Him for provision.  Thankfully we both work and because of Richard's job... are blessed with some amazing insurance.  Today... we received this in the mail from Katherine Grace's hospital stay earlier this month.

That number reads $5,909.00 in case you can't see it clearly enough!  After paying our final balance to our agency less than a month ago... we're not quite able to pay such a bill.  So... we're VERY thankful insurance will be covering the majority of it.  :)

AND.... we're PRAISING our sweet sweet Jesus for a healthy baby girl!!!  Yes... she received a "good bill of health" yesterday at the pediatrician.  This is the first time in over 3 weeks!  We're sooo thankful for that!  What are you thankful for today???

Until then... Brantley


Venessa said...

What a huge blessing! I am so glad that she is healthy and feeling good!

The A Team said...

Nearly $6K? Are you kidding me? I am soo blessed to live in Canada, where we (for the most part) have free health care (although, it could use a bit of a ). Glad you have health insurance to cover it!

On another note..I have been following your blog since nearly the beginning of your adoption journey..Congrats! She is beautiful. Does she have a bit of Asian in her? Have a wonderful weekend!

Eye Creams said...

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