Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Miss

Our little Miss Priss is sporting her new outfit proudly!  Yesterday we snagged a few VERY quick shots of her wearing her new outfit I made.  Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling very well after being pricked for over 2 hours.  :(  Some of you know... but most do not.  After thinking we were in the clear and Monday & Tuesday were great... Wednesday unfortunately was not.  She woke up not herself.  Very lethargic acting, didn't want to eat, she slept until nearly 11am (after going to bed around 9pm the night before!!  Seriously... I love it when my baby girl sleeps... but not that much!  It was sad and I knew something wasn't right.  I immediately took her temp and it was normal.  I called the pediatrician anyway (thankfully) and they wanted to see her right away.  [have I mentioned how much I love our pediatrician(s)].  Yes, that is a plural now!  haha  Anyway, by the time I made it there her temp had spiked to 102.3.  For those that do not know... that is an automatic hospital admission for children her age.  I was alone with a sick child wandering what on earth is happening to her.  :(  I felt so bad for my baby girl.

Anyway... they ran MORE tests!  My baby girl got stuck 4 different times and was catheterized!  Boo!  I have heard my sweet little lady make the most pitiful screams of pain.  It is heartbreaking for this new momma!  So... after about 2 hours of testings and not much in results... we were sent home.  Our pediatrician asked us to call his cell if anything changed with her.  We were in good hands.  We slept on the couch all night with her asleep next to us in her bouncy.  We didn't want to leave her side.  This morning we went back to the pediatricians office for some more... you guessed it... poking and prodding!  :(  Boo again.  Several of the other tests were negative.  Yay.  But... we're still not 100% sure whats wrong with her.  Waiting the results of one last test.  Should know that later today.

So... all of that to say... she is eagerly trying to get our attention!  But we're milking it for everything its worth and loving the mess out of our baby girl!

Here is that pic I promised to show you!

I love you Katherine Grace!  Until we know more... have an awesome week!



Child of wonder child of God said...

Hey Brantley... did she happen to have any vaccinations recently??? Something to think about.... I hop that she gets better soon and that they find some answers for you. I can only imagine how helpless you have felt :(

Child of wonder child of God said...

Child of wonder child of God is... Ginger George by the way :)

Joy for the Seasons said...

Precious outfit for a precious girl. Praying your sweet one recovers quickly!