Monday, February 21, 2011

Bargains... Yes please!

We are all about some bargains in this household!  I am a huge fan of couponing... especially for formula and food items!  I also love some good ole consignment shops... but really like children's consignments!  Some are hit or miss, while others have some really great buys!  There is one local consignment shop that I have bought Katherine Grace some sweet clothes!  Today, we went around town and ran several errands.  Thankfully, Richard was off work and we got to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL sunny day together.  We ate lunch, took KG for a stroll in the park, and even went to our favorite children's consignment together.

Here are 3 of the dresses we found for her to wear this spring!

And the best part... each dress was under $5 and we got a 4th dress FREE!  Basically... we spent $15 total and got 4 adorable dresses!  (4th dress not pictured)  Each dress has matching bloomers and we think they'll be even cuter once on our little lady!  :)  She has several events in which she can wear here new outfits!  We go to the Steeple Chase each year in Aiken (a horse race).  Its memorable for us, because we got engaged the day before it over 4 years ago.  Plus, my best friend's wedding and several other smaller occasions.  I'm so excited!  So many great things to look forward to and watching my baby girl grow up along the way!

By the way... my little lady is 7 weeks old today!!!  Eeek!  We're going to take her pic and post it later today!  Be sure to check back!

Until then... Brantley

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Mrs. Mama said...

WOW! I thought I was getting deals... but you my friend, definitely have me beat! nice job! beautiful dresses!