Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Beautiful Kind of Celebration!

We celebrated little Miss Katherine Grace this past weekend!  And let me say... it was sooo beautiful!  We're so blessed with one amazing support group, awesome family and some sweet friends!  My sister and cousin put together this wonderful celebration for our little KG.  We couldn't be more thrilled with all the personal touches, the wonderful gifts, the fabulous food and the HUGE welcome we received!  So... without anymore rambling... here are some pics that once again... my sweet friend Brooke captured for us!

My cousin, Heather made this adorable diaper cake!

All of the love family gave to Katherine Grace & welcomed her so sweetly!  Oh how I LOVE these images and how well they capture the emotion!

4 Generations!  I have always dreamed about this shot and being able to have our baby, my grandmother and my mom all in one shot!  :)  This was VERY special to me!

Me, my sister & my cousins!  :)  I love you all so much!

Top Row: Nicole (my sister), Jill, Heather, Tori & Aunt Katie
Bottom Row: Wanda (my mom), Me, Katherine Grace, Katelyn, Hunter & Grandma Thelma
My wonderful family!

Richard's Family: Aunt Cheryl, Beverly, Momma Val, Me, Katherine Grace and of course... Richard!

Some of the fun gifts we received!

Thank you again to my sweet friend, Brooke for capturing yet another special day!  Thank you also to my sister and cousin, Heather for ALL of the hard work and thought that was put into our shower for Katherine Grace!  We're so grateful for everything!  Lots of LOVE to all of our family and friends who came out and supported us, and showed Katherine Grace how much you love her!  We love you all!  

Until then... Brantley


Wanda said...

I love the expressions Brook captured as each person met
Katherine Grace for the first
time! How priceless!!

Simply Amy said...

It looks like a wonderful baby shower. I am so excited for you both. God Bless!!!