Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Hearts Cry...

Over the past several months, we've been asked on numerous occasions... "What is your story?"  Well, our story is a bit different from most of the people we know who are adopting.  Most of the one's we know have struggled with infertility.   I think most assume we too have those same issues.  While I'm uncertain if we're able to conceive naturally or not, our reason for adoption is not that.  At a very early age, I felt a tug in my heart to adopt a child one day.  This was no shock to my family when we first told them our decision to grow our family through adoption.  Before we got married, we talked about what it would be like when we adopt a baby.  We both felt a calling to bring a baby into our home through adoption... however, we never really thought we would adopt first. But God had a completely different plan in mind.  Although, I can't exactly say I wasn't open to the idea.  On the other hand, Richard's heart wasn't quite there.  

We prayed for a long time, asking for provision.  I prayed a prayer he never knew about until a few months into our journey.  I cried daily, crying out to God asking Him to change my heart if this wasn't His will for our lives, or to give Richard a deep desire that only you could give.  

We didn't know what was in store for us, but God quickly began working on both our hearts.  I saw a change in my husband, one of a leader.  He began leading our family in such a way, and began asking some hard questions.  We both felt that tug once again to grow our family through adoption first.  What I didn't know at the time, Richard was praying the same prayer, seeking for God to change his heart!  Asking, Lord, if this is your plan for our lives at this very moment, please open my eyes and show me the way!  And He did.

Since this wasn't our plan from the beginning, we questioned how on earth we would pay the adoption fees!  We knew we had a small amount in savings, but not nearly enough to put a dent in what we would soon be paying!  But, we trusted that if this plan was His plan, and He was the one tugging at our hearts, He would help make this possible.  The doors began opening for us, and more prayers were prayed.  We took a step into the unknown, seeking Him, and praying for him to show us the way!  We were now on our way to bringing a baby into our family!  Hard to believe that over the last year or so, the many prayers spoken have worked miracles in ways we never dreamed!  Our relationship has grown stronger, and our hearts have become broken for this deep passion!  We've made some incredible friends throughout this journey so far, been humbled by the generosity from those we barely know.  We've been moved by the simple things in which God has blessed us with.  This has become our lifesong, and we LOVE sharing this amazing story with others!

And now, nearly 6 months after that initial step of faith, here we are.  We're now waiting, waiting patiently for God's perfect timing!  We know our baby is out there somewhere, and our prayer now is for  Christ to be glorified through our story.  We know none of this would be possible without Him!

Until that precious day... Brantley


Shay said...

:) This made me smile! I also had to pray (and still am) praying for my husband's heart to change. It's been over a year so far- and I'm still praying, but already, he has come SO FAR. All in God's timing... So excited for you all. We have three little girls and would like to adopt a little boy from Africa sometime next year. For now, we are praying, and researching our brains out!!!

Ps-We are in SC too! (beaufort!)

Venessa said...

Thank you for sharing your story! What a story of how mighty our God is! Can't wait to continue to see what God has in store for your family.