Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Everything Crafty Adoption Auction!!!!

Just a friendly reminder that our Adoption Auction will take place beginning Monday (not today, next).  We're so excited about it and are praying we will raise as much of our remaining funds as possible!  If we do meet our remaining balance.... we will donate anything over to some of our friends who are adopting from Ethiopia!  Now... some of you may think that's a stretch... and maybe so.  However, we're praying for an awesome turnout and hopefully some eager Christmas shoppers to come out and buy!  :)

Again... if you have anything you can donate to help us out... we'd love your donations as well.  If not, please help us by spreading the word as much as possible, and praying for us and this last fundraiser to bring our baby home!

Quick Recap on what we have so far!

• Handmade jewelry
• Handmade Owls - Children's Stuffed Animal (so cute!)
• Crocheted Baby Blanket
• Handmade Coasters (2 Sets)
• Another Jewelry set
• Handmade Painted Canvas Gallery Wraps (2)
• 3 Sets of 5 of Handmade Christmas Cards w/ envelopes
• Children's Apron
• Your Name in a Frame (custom signage)
• Custom Designed Wall Art (w/ saying)
• 24 Homemade Cupcakes (yum!)
• USC Children's Dress (made to order via size)
• Handmade Picture Frame
• LOTS of Christmas Ornaments
• Photography Prints
• Adoption T-Shirts (LOTS!)

Thank you again for your continued support and prayers!  We're forever grateful and look forward to the day when we can share all of this with our child!  

Until then... Brantley

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