Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now Taking Orders....

Alright, we've already received quite a few emails and comments asking when will we start taking orders.  Well, we're ready now!  :)  Go ahead, send us your orders by sending us an email at  Just let us know which ornaments you'd like and how many.  They are $5 each and ALL profits will go towards our adoption to bring our baby home!

For a quick recap and so you will know which is which... here you go!

We're calling this one 'Winter Wonderland'.  
If you look up close, it has glittery snow flakes! 

We're calling this one 'Its a Wonderful Life'. 

We're calling this one 'Its a Boy!'

And this one 'Its a Girl!'

Sorry for all of the pictures....  after all though, I am a photographer!  ;)  Hope you love them!  Again, just send us an email if you'd like to purchase one or two (or several!).   If you don't here from us within 24 hours... something happened, so then send us a comment letting us know.

Until then, Brantley

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