Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changes for Ornament Orders!

First of all... I want to thank each of you who have already order ornaments for our adoption fundraiser.  We're so thankful for them.  However, for any future orders, we have to change some things.  :(  This kills me to do this, but unfortunately, we were not as prepared as we should have been.  I had some girls over to help me make more ornaments... lets just say that in 3 hours... we only finished 7 ornaments!  Not good.  Plus, I made 4 samples that I posted on the blog.  Well... when I went back to buy more materials, they were out of all of the patterns that were in the previous ornaments!  I about died.  Not to mention, the cost to actually create them... well, we aren't making any profit.  Meaning, it defeats the purpose in creating since this is a fundraiser.

So... with all of these problems... this is the new plan.

Each week we will post ornaments that we have available.  We will also tell you how many we have of those.  We will sell only what we have to insure we have the right amount of materials needed.  Also, unfortunately, we have to raise our prices to $10 per ornament.  Oh you have no idea how much this upsets me.  I was hoping to sell them for a low rate to sell more.  Which, we were.  But, we're not making a profit and they take a really LONG time to make.  So... check back tomorrow for more updates on the ornaments we have in stock.  Thank you for your understanding and support for our fundraiser!

Until then... Brantley

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