Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey everyone!  We have a winner for the awesome Apron Giveaway!!!  We drew names from a hat, just like last time to find a winner.  So.... if you are Danielle C. - you WON!  Congratulations and thank you for participating in our blog giveaways!  Send us an email at richardandbrantley@yahoo.com to "claim" your giveaway!!!

Also, these giveaways are simply for fun, and a great way to give back to those who follow our blog, support our adoption and help us spread the word. With that being said, generous people are donating items for these giveaways, therefore, we feel it is only fair to be honest.  We have had several people "enter to win" our giveaways and haven't been doing their part.  That is very discouraging and dishonest to us.  After all, we don't feel we're asking much of you.  So, please know we do double check facebook, facebook status', etc before announcing winners!  So, please be fair and honest and do your part when entering to win!  Thanks and sorry to have to be so negative.

Now... for the next giveaway!!!  I'm super excited about this one, especially since I'm a photographer!  :)  A sweet new friend, Kitty Hurdle, has been so generous and donated some of her awesome work for our next giveaway!!!  So, thank you Kitty for helping us out!

She is donating any one of her 11x17 prints from her shop!  I included an example of one below.
She can do names, etc.  So, be sure to check out her work on her blog and Etsy site!  Many more examples are there!

Kitty's Blog:

Kitty's Etsy Site:

And lastly, her ministry blog!  Please check this out!!!

To Enter:

1) Become a Fan of our "For this Journey We're On" Facebook Page.
2) Leave a comment on our Facebook Page Wall.
3) Post about our Yard Sale on your Facebook Status
4) Become a "Follower" of our Blog
5) Leave a Comment on our Blog letting us know you've done these things.
6) For a Bonus Entry... Twitter about our Yard Sale!
(Adoption Yard Sale on July 31st from 7am-Noon at 701 Whaley in Columbia!)

The deadline to enter for this Giveaway is Tuesday, July 27th at 5:00pm!  Again, thank you for joining in on the fun!  By the way, if you have something you'd like to donate to our giveaways, we're quickly getting short on items to donate and would love some more donations!  If you're crafty, have a business or just want to make something to giveaway... send us an email with your information, any pictures you'd like to include and any other information.  We're appreciative of your donations!

Until then, Brantley


Timothy and Holly said...

Hey I love these pictures!!! I followed directions 1-5 and if I twittered I would but I don't. Instead I'm going to try to paste your yard sale advertisement on my blog! Are we all wearing your shirts to your yard sale? I think we should.

Brantley and Richard said...

I think that's a brilliant idea Holly! Thank you! I was thinking of wearing mine, but I think it would be great for everyone who helps to wear theirs!!! :) Thanks for everything Holly!

Jtemplin said...

Hey I absolutely love the Photo Frames!! I also followed all the directions to enter to win the giveaway!! I dont use twitter so I couldn't get that! Since I live so far away, I would be hard for me to get down there so early to help out but I do plan on coming by and bringing some potential buyers with me! Good luck.

Elyse Kinard said...

Did 1,2,4and 5!

Elyse Kinard said...
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