Saturday, June 19, 2010

Birthdays and Father's Day!

We spent the earlier part of today in Charlotte celebrating little Evan's 2nd birthday!  For those of you who are knew to our blog... that is my ADORABLE nephew!  Unfortunately, we missed his birthday party last year because of photographing a wedding.  We were so excited to be able to make it this year!  :)  We had a good time and got some cute candids of Evan enjoying his new toys after the party.  

Evan got a "Real" guitar from his parents (aka my sister & her hubby)  Every time he would "strum" the guitar,  we would clap.  So, as the afternoon went on, he would sit in his little chair and clap after strumming for a second!  It was hilarious!

This was one of his toys from us, Aunt B & Uncle "Itchie"  (supposed to be Richie, but he can't quite pronounce those Rs yet!  haha)  Evan is so smart and obviously see's people attempting self-portraits a lot, because the minute he opened this gift, he held the camera up in front of himself and say, "Cheeeeeese!"  It cracked me up!
And this little lady would be his sister, Georgia!  Check out those [to die for eye lashes!!!] and pretty, big blue eyes!!!!  She's like sunshine!!
And of course, we had to get in at least one shot!  ;)
We had a great afternoon, and a great Father's Day (not quite, but we celebrated anyway).  So, Happy Birthday Evan and Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the whole world!  We LOVE you both so much!

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