Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adoption Fundraiser!

I had lunch with a friend, Leigh Ladd today.  She and her husband are adopting two children from Ethiopia!  I couldn't be happier for them and following their blog while on their LONG journey to adopt these children!  Anyway, we caught up on the status of their adoption and talked about ours too.  It was good conversation and very encouraging for me!  I need those from time to time.  It definitely helps to talk with others that are traveling down a very similar journey!  While chatting, we discussed ways to raise money.  Leigh and her husband have taken part in fundraisers, yard sales, etc in order to raise their funds. 

So, we're going to do a YARD SALE!!  :)  We're asking for your help to make this possible.  We have some stuff we can sell of our own, but we're asking for your help with donations too.  If you have anything you would be willing to donate, please email us at richardandbrantley@yahoo.com.
As of now, we've scheduled it for Saturday, July 31st.  We had a hard time picking a weekend since we are tied up most weekends working.

ALL money raised from the yard sale will go into our adoption fund to bring our baby home!  :)
Thank you ahead of time for all of your contributions!  It means a lot to us! 
This is a snapshot with estimates of how many children are without families.  This is our passion to bring a child into our home and love them, because they deserve a chance!
We've had so many people emailing and calling asking what types of items are we looking for.  We will accept anything you are willing and able to donate.  The more, the merrier.
Until then, Brantley

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Leigh said...

So glad we got to have lunch today!! AND so glad I could encourage you in the fundraising are!!! I am gonna find some things to donate for sure, like I said, everyone has at least a few things they can donate :)