Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adoption Project

This morning at church, we spoke with another couple who is going through their homestudy right now.  They are much farther along in their journey, and so they had quite a bit of advice to share.  They were talking candidly about their finances, and how they've been saving and even getting second jobs to raise more money for their adoption fund.  This is something that we've been praying about A LOT lately!  Also, after listening to one of the audios on the link I posted a few posts back, I learned some more tips!  So.... here it is.

The biggest problem that adoptive parents run into is being smart with their money and saving, while at the same time, not going into debt funding their adoption.  Basically, as adoptive parents, you can't use insurance to pay for the delivery, etc.  Instead, you're paying $15,000+ and up (for domestic adoption) straight out of pocket.  And I didn't mention the attorney's costs are an additional $3-4,000 onto that amount,  Not to mention, all of the expenses that come after the baby arrives.  So, you can see what types of expenses come into play.  The advice given... fundraising.  Well, I am pretty skeptical about asking for money, sending out support letters, etc.  However, the fact is, we could use any resources imaginable to help make this possible and bring our baby home!  So, I came up with another idea.  I am a photographer, so why not sell some of my work and put 100% towards our adoption fund?!  

I included [some] of the images that I am offering.  If you're interested in purchasing one these prints, please send us an email at

8x10 Print $25      •     11x14 Print $35       •    16x24 Print   $55

Thank you ahead of time for helping us bring our baby home!  Remember, 100% of the total will go towards our adoption fund!

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