Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meet Abby!

Well where on earth should I begin! Richard and I were roaming around Pet Smart over the weekend trying to find Toby a new sweater. We noticed they had some of the dogs from the pound there for adoption. We had been thinking about getting my dad a big dog for Christmas - and thought - well this could be our chance! So, initially our intentions were to get him a dog....lets just say I fell in love...a little too fast! haha

We found Abby...(well initially her name was spice (given by the pound), then we named her its Abby!) whew! I instantly new I wanted her. Well, we did give her to my dad for an early Christmas present. I was sad, because well, I really wanted her. Regardless, she is still our dog...only she lives with my parents and is now shared by us both! :) yay!

So, with all of that being Abby!

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