Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is Finally here!

Well, Richard turned 28 on September 5th!  Here is a pic the morning of his birthday!  We celebrated by going to Atlanta.  A slightly close place we could go without traveling too far.  We visited the Coca Cola Factory and the GA Aquarium!  I must say, we had a blast!

Some pics from the USC vs NC State game.  In the pic shirt reads, "Real Women Love Football...the rest of ya'll just stay in the kitchen!"  Everyone kept asking me about my shirt, so for all of you who have...I found it at BIG Thursday by the mall.
(From left)  Richard, Me, Ryan (top) and Bob.  These are Richard's brothers for those of you who have never met them.

Well, for once in my life I can actually say I am ready for cooler weather!  After a long (and might I add EXTREMELY hot!!!) weather, I'm long past ready!  I can't wait for those cooler days when I can photograph my brides in front of the beautiful fall colors.  Oh that will be the day!

Anyway, since I haven't blogged in a million years, I thought I might play a little game of catch up!  

2) Richard also got promoted at work!  yay again!  He is now the branch manager (aka Assistant VP) for the Regions in Harbison!  :)  I love you babe, we are so proud of you!

3) Toby will be turning 5 on September 22nd!  Oh how my little guy is growing up.  ;)

4) Football...Football...Football!  Well whatever we can take in at least.  We are busy busy with wedding season right now, so any chance we have - we are at the games!!

Other than birthdays...just a bunch of weddings and bridal shoots taking place for us!

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